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LeadSpark Sales Appointment Worksheet: SAMPLE

Better Sales Meetings, Better Opportunities – GUARANTEED or Your Money Back

LeadSpark delivers the most complete and professional sales appointment setting system for technology companies in the lead generation business.  In fact, we started the company because we were dissatisfied with the quality of the outsourced lead generation companies we have seen.

And we are so sure that you will be satisfied with our sales appointment setting system, that we stand behind each meeting with a money back guarantee. If a sales appointment from LeadSpark does not meet the qualification criteria that we both agree to, you do not have to pay for it.

When you work with LeadSpark, a client Sales Meeting Worksheet is delivered to you in advance of the meeting and each meeting is double-confirmed so it is sure to take place.

Get a LeadSpark Sample Sales Appointment Worksheet Here.

All of our people are inside sales experts located in Concord Massachusetts. Unlike some sales appointment companies, we do not outsource our core service to some foreign country or use part time contractors or use inmates in a prison. Every LeadSpark Sales Development Executive calling from our offices just outside of Boston. Our people are trained in our own proprietary Sequence Selling sales methodology, which yields faster production for each call. Every outbound call that yields a productive interaction is chronicled in When we schedule sales appointments for you, we include a comprehensive Meeting Worksheet that describes in detail:

  • Who you will be meeting with;
  • How we arrived at that particular person;
  • What we were told with regard to their current condition, and;
  • Why they agreed to discuss your solution.

Contrary to the old adage – in sales – it’s not who you know, it’s what you know. Understanding what circumstances exist that causes someone to consider your solution this quarter and next is how you build a pipeline and generate more sales.

LeadSpark delivers sales meetings on a pay-for-performance basis.  By using LeadSpark to open opportunities and more expensive field reps to close deals your organization will increase productivity and drives down the cost of sales.

For more information about our Sales Appointment Setting service, call (978) 357-8224 or send us an inquiry here.

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LeadSpark specializes in generating new sales opportunities for enterprise technology companies. Over the past decade, LeadSpark has delivered outsourced sales development services including market research, lead qualification and sales appointment setting for dozens of technology companies.

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