Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification Systems that Generate Better Opportunities

Marketing Departments are getting so good at Lead Generation, that sales people are often overwhelmed with sales leads. The dirty secret inside many of today’s top technology companies is how many sales leads never get called.

LeadSpark delivers high throughput sales lead qualification in either an pay-for-performance model or through a simple hourly rate. Along the way, we answer all of the critical questions you should know the answers to as you penetrate your target markets:

  • Who is this person and how do they fit into a cycle of consideration of your solution?
  • What competitive solutions do they rely on now?
  • Are they satisfied or looking to change?
  • Where does the need exist?
  • Who makes the decisions?
  • Who contributes to decision-making?

LeadSpark answers these questions for our clients as well as escalating the most “Sales Ready” opportunities to the sales team. We report on all of the critical business intelligence available resulting in shortened sales cycles and more strategic alignment of your sales resources.

And because we are recognized experts in, we can deliver our Lead Qualification service in either your system or ours. Complete target account reporting drives proper sales sequencing and allows you to nurture opportunities along each step of the purchase life-cycle. LeadSpark leverages our proprietary probing and prospect dialogue methodologies with our sales force automation technology to:

  • Develop in-depth contacts for your business
  • Determine critical qualification metrics
  • Gather prospect/company business intelligence
  • Identify immediate, inter-mediate and long-term sales opportunities
  • Provide target market and branding perceptions to help guide product positioning and messaging

Each contact within a targeted account is mapped against the LeadSpark Buying Circle methodology – a process that identifies and profiles participants in a buying decision. From there LeadSpark engages prospects and sets sales meetings with the appropriate executive. LeadSpark builds comprehensive contact records for qualified sales targets uncovering the complexities of purchasing processes, profiling the decision-makers and uncovering short, medium and long-term selling opportunities.

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  • You Need an Effective Content Marketing Approach
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About LeadSpark

LeadSpark specializes in generating new sales opportunities for enterprise technology companies. Over the past decade, LeadSpark has delivered outsourced sales development services including market research, lead qualification and sales appointment setting for dozens of technology companies.

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