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Over the past seven years, LeadSpark has built a business and a reputation on delivering high impact demand generation for a variety of enterprise technology clients. During that time, we have developed an advanced process for training our people to deliver better sales meetings and better sales opportunities. The process is called Sequenced Selling™ and it provides inside sales people with a logical, structured and highly effective approach to lead generation.

Recently, we offered select clients a glimpse at this new inside sales method through one and two day training programs. Based on the success of those early sessions, LeadSpark is now making this training available to all companies. Sequenced Selling is a modular sales methodology that focuses inside sales teams on how to best engage new prospects. By analyzing the thousands of inside sales calls the LeadSpark team makes on a weekly basis, we have isolated five (5) universal elements that comprise what we call The Lead Sequence™. It is through this deep understanding of how opportunities are created and qualified that we developed this new inside sales training program.

The Sequenced Selling training program is designed to accelerate the amount of contact and qualification activity generated by your inside sales team on a daily basis. The structured, straightforward approach delivers concepts, techniques and tactics that give telesales professionals greater confidence making calls and engaging prospects. After receiving this training your inside s ales team will have the skill set to navigate through enterprises more effectively, qualify and disqualify leads faster, and provide better opportunities for your outside sales team.

Topics to be Covered:

This training program is delivered using a linear approach that organizes information within the five universal elements described in the Lead Sequence: Introduction, Navigation, Conversation, Confirmation and Activation. Some of the topics covered within the training session include:

  • Understanding the corporate culture
  • The Buying Sequence™ vs. The Selling Sequence™
  • Navigating to the right people
  • Mining for pain
  • Engaging gatekeepers
  • Pitching executives
  • Confirming and Qualifying
  • Handling objections
  • Setting meetings
  • Working a call queue

Whether your inside team is new built, or your established force could use a “Refresher Course”, maintaining a solid pipeline of well qualified sales opportunities is of utmost importance among sales and marketing teams. Our training is designed to be scalable and customizable according to your team’s specific needs and your company’s unique offerings. The content is composed of “no nonsense”, real world strategies and tactics that will help your team renew its vigor, refresh their minds with generally accepted practices and principles of which they may already be aware, and arm them with bold new moves that will increase their impact in hunting for new business opportunities.

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LeadSpark specializes in generating new sales opportunities for enterprise technology companies. Over the past decade, LeadSpark has delivered outsourced sales development services including market research, lead qualification and sales appointment setting for dozens of technology companies.

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