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Anatomy of a Major Sales Opportunity

Recently, it was announced that British Airways had selected e-Dialog as their preferred e-mail communications provider. A deal of this magnitude required a tremendous yearlong sales effort from e-Dialog’s UK office. The work that took place before the first sales meeting is a story of polite, professional, persistence. It is what we believe distinguishes LeadSpark as a premiere sales development company.

Nearly two years before the press release, LeadSpark was given British Airways in a list of major accounts targeted by e-Dialog. Over the next eleven months the LeadSpark account team set about to penetrate the UK’s largest scheduled international airline and generate a sales opportunity for e-Dialog.

The first response to a sales development effort with a major corporate account is typical and expected: British Airways already had an email provider and they were happy with the relationship. What separates LeadSpark from other companies in the demand generation industry is best represented by the screenshot above taken from the system used to track all client opportunities.

Employing our proprietary process of Sequenced Selling TM, LeadSpark continued to probe British Airways each month looking for an opportunity to introduce e-Dialog. After 10 phone meetings with 7 different contacts the first sales meeting was set in London.
Not every target account is this difficult to crack. LeadSpark can generate tremendous sales activity for our clients in the short-term as well. Most importantly, LeadSpark leverages the most complete business databases and a highly efficient CRM system to navigate to key decision-makers, generate interest, qualify and close on a sales meeting, appointment or demo.

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