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LeadSpark Tackles the RFID Mandate

When Wal-Mart announced that their top 100 suppliers would be required within two years to affix radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to the more than one billion cases shipped to the retail giant each year, a brand new sales market was born.

Soon the “Wal-Mart Mandate” had spread to the top 300 suppliers along with similar mandates from Best Buy, Albertson’s and the Department of Defense. The only catch was that no one knew for sure who the top 300 suppliers to Wal-Mart were and Wal-Mart wasn’t telling.

LeadSpark was engaged by an RFID software maker and given a list of more than 500 likely suspects for the Wal-Mart mandate. The assignment for LeadSpark was straightforward: Schedule as many meetings as possible with suppliers to Wal-Mart as fast as you can.

LeadSpark proceeded to use the provided list of 500 companies, as well as a list of attendees from the EPC Global Tradeshow. Our goal was to penetrate these companies and determine if they were indeed subject to Wal-Mart RFID mandate or similar. Leveraging a deep understanding of, LeadSpark worked within our client’s CRM system throughout the demand generation program. In addition, LeadSpark integrated service delivery through the client’s Microsoft Exchange server to streamline the process of coordinating the high volume of meetings. The result was the errorless delivery of meetings and a seamless transfer of data and business intelligence.

After six months of generating demand, LeadSpark had full visibility into the actual success of the program. At the conclusion of the program, LeadSpark was able to identify 300 companies that were under mandate, and we were able to schedule meetings with 75% of those companies, ultimately resulting in millions of dollars worth of revenue for our client.


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