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B2B Lead Generation Systems

We build powerful lead generation programs for IT companies. LeadSpark brings highly-trained, full-time inside sales professionals to work as part of your sales team to deliver the best sales propsects to your business. We work with our clients to create lead generation systems which best suit their needs and target audience. We are passionate about helping businesses improve their sales pipeline by developing the best possible outsourced inside sales systems.

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B2B Appointment Setting

LeadSpark delivers B2B appointment setting services on a pay-for-performance basis. We set the highest qualified sales appointments by employing our proprietary Sequence Selling inside sales methodology and a staff of highly trained, full-time inside sales professionals.

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Lead Qualification Services

LeadSpark will identify all of the sales opportunities that exist in your lead flow through our detail driven business to business telemarketing system. And because we are expert in, we can be trusted to work seamlessly within your CRM system.

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Inside Sales Training

LeadSpark is now making available our internal Sequence Selling training program that we built for our own people. It is a great way to get the maximum productivity out of your inside sales team and accelerate the amount of contact and qualification activity generated on a daily basis.

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Better Than Futurama How M2M and Big Data Are Changing How We Work and Live
Today we have a nice piece of contributed content on the hot topic of Machine 2 Machine (M2M) from Sam Ganga, an Executive Vice President at DMI – a leading provider of mobile enterprise solutions. The 1964 World’s Fair in New York was dedicated to “Man’s Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe.” The General Motors pavilion depicted the world of tomorrow with its wildly popular Futurama ride. Audience members rode in moving chairs past exhibits depicting future wonders such as a moon colony, large-scale underwater mineral mining and laser-logging equatorial jungles to build highways that would bring “the [...]
Fri, Sep 19, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
SnapLogic Rolls Out Data Integration Mobile App
A growing trend in the lives of today’s IT professionals is working remotely or telecommuting. We are seeing more IT professionals working from home, working abroad, or just traveling for work. This sometimes can help with the balance in one’s life, make commutes more bearable, or more convenient by having IT support closer to a data center that’s located across the country. For whatever reason, we must understand that just like data, people are moving away from the traditional corporate cubicle. Speaking of the movement of data, Snaplogic, a company that specializes in cloud integration, SaaS integration, and Elastic iPaaS has [...]
Fri, Sep 19, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
Go Small or Go Home Information Builders Targeting Smaller Companies
Many small companies believe that they cannot afford BI. They believe that BI is for larger firms with deeper pockets who have more data. They believe that the amount of data that a big firm produces justifies spending thousands or millions of dollars to buy BI tools and hire BI teams.  For the most part, I think they are right. It is hard to justify costly BI tools if you are working for a small company because most BI tools are priced and designed for large enterprises. However, this is changing. The landscape of BI is changing as we know it [...]
Thu, Sep 18, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
Common Cause of Identity and Access Management Failure Active Directory
Over at Network World Johnathan Sander, Strategy and Research Officer at the data collection, analysis and protection company STEALTHbits has some advice for companies that think they can easily integrate their Active Directory with an Identity and Access Management solution. Failure of IAM initiatives has been a common problem over the last several years, but Sander writes that only recently has it become clear that the cause for many of those failures stem from contorted Active Directories. While most business and even many IT folks think that their Company’s Active Directory is in great shape, Sander says the reality is [...]
Wed, Sep 17, 2014
Source: Solutions Review

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