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Finding Buyers Before They Find a Solution

LeadSpark is building a network of Solutions Review technology news sites that attract buyers who are seeking solutions by presenting the right content at the right time. And we can build one for you.

A custom Solutions Review website can be built for any technology category you require. It is managed by a dedicated site editor and features a carefully tuned collection of original content and a thoughtful aggregation of industry best practices articles and solution news. Each new posting includes a creative, original image intended to generate an easy visual appeal for the content presented. The sites also feature Category-specific Twitter feeds, an Events Calendar, a collection of relevant presentations and a hand-picked selection of online videos - designed to attract your target prospects through organic site search.

We are passionate about developing the most effective inbound lead generation systems. A Solutions Review website will fill your sales funnel by making it easy for your best prospects connect with you.

Call today to learn about our powerful inbound lead generation systems: (339) 927-9230.
Solutions Review Buyers Guides and Best Practices
Solutions Review Buyers Guide sites give your sales team a steady stream of amazing inbound sales leads each month. See Solutions Review

B2B Appointment Setting

LeadSpark delivers B2B appointment setting services on a pay-for-performance basis. We set the highest qualified sales appointments by employing our proprietary Sequence Selling inside sales methodology and a staff of highly trained, full-time inside sales professionals.

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Lead Qualification Services

LeadSpark will identify all of the sales opportunities that exist in your lead flow through our detail driven business to business telemarketing system. And because we are expert in, we can be trusted to work seamlessly within your CRM system.

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Inside Sales Training

LeadSpark is now making available our internal Sequence Selling training program that we built for our own people. It is a great way to get the maximum productivity out of your inside sales team and accelerate the amount of contact and qualification activity generated on a daily basis.

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BDR Guide
Asigra, cloud data backup service provider which offers public, private and/or hybrid deployments, conducted a  global survey of more than 125 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) of all sizes, and revealed the findings this week.The Survey suggests that cloud backup services lead to increased business revenue opportunities and customer retention. Asigra’s survey revealed that 89% of MSP respondents who are currently offering cloud backup services today are profitable, and in addition, 87% of those respondents expect profit margins to grow in 2017. “Ensuring profitability for our MSP partners is a key aspect of our Asigra hybrid partner program. This survey re-affirms that cloud backup services offer [...]
Fri, Jul 22, 2016
Source: Solutions Review
Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide Solutions Review
Embedded Analytics can assist organizations in making their Business Intelligence solutions available inside end-user-tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing, financial systems, and other software applications. Embedding analytics into existing workflows helps business users gain access to the capabilities they need without having to go outside of the environments they use daily to do so. Users are often rewarded with faster, more informed, and more efficient decision-making, which can lead to more actionable insights. Embedding an analytics solution can also lead to better business value from the data that a business has already invested in [...]
Fri, Jul 22, 2016
Source: Solutions Review
Is Enterprise Content Management a Sinking Ship
In a recent article by CIO contributing author, Mitch De Felice, the question as to whether or not Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are becoming obsolete is raised, suggesting that the technology is quickly becoming irrelevant. Likened to a ship whose hull is taking on water, today’s boom of solution providers who develop inexpensive tools aimed at revolutionizing collaboration, content management, and data analysis, are dragging traditional ECM software into an undertow. De Felice suggests that if the ECM space has a chance at keeping afloat, developers will need to gain competitive advantage by incorporating big data solutions that will allow users unprecedented levels of insight into an IoT-aged influx [...]
Fri, Jul 22, 2016
Source: Solutions Review
DI Guide
Data Integration tools are perhaps the most vital components to take advantage of Big Data. Enterprise organizations increasingly view Data Integration solutions as must-haves for assistance with data delivery, data quality, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance, and Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. With data volumes on the rise and with no real end in sight, businesses are leaning on integration tools more and more to meet all of the data consumption requirements for vital business applications. The main function of Data Integration is to give organizations the ability to gain consistent access to their most important data, no matter where it lies, whether virtually [...]
Fri, Jul 22, 2016
Source: Solutions Review

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