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B2B Lead Generation Systems

We build powerful lead generation programs for IT companies. LeadSpark brings highly-trained, full-time inside sales professionals to work as part of your sales team to deliver the best sales propsects to your business. We work with our clients to create lead generation systems which best suit their needs and target audience. We are passionate about helping businesses improve their sales pipeline by developing the best possible outsourced inside sales systems.

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B2B Appointment Setting

LeadSpark delivers B2B appointment setting services on a pay-for-performance basis. We set the highest qualified sales appointments by employing our proprietary Sequence Selling inside sales methodology and a staff of highly trained, full-time inside sales professionals.

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Lead Qualification Services

LeadSpark will identify all of the sales opportunities that exist in your lead flow through our detail driven business to business telemarketing system. And because we are expert in, we can be trusted to work seamlessly within your CRM system.

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Inside Sales Training

LeadSpark is now making available our internal Sequence Selling training program that we built for our own people. It is a great way to get the maximum productivity out of your inside sales team and accelerate the amount of contact and qualification activity generated on a daily basis.

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5 Tips for Self-Service Business Intelligence Success
Businesses have been trending to use self-service models and course with any new trend or change there will be obstacles and challenges. There will be business professionals who haven’t used a software tool since starting out at the associate level that will be very apprehensive to utilizing a BI tool. Then of course, there will be business professionals who want to get more involved in handling the tool and selecting reporting criteria. However, I’ve certainly seen more of the former. Self-service for business intelligence will see it’s growing pains and business unites and IT departments need to learn how to [...]
Tue, Sep 23, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
Trojan Malware Infecting Salesforce Clients
A warning from Jeff Cozza of NewsFactor to cloud platform, and especially Salesforce users: the “Dyre” or “Dyreza” Trojan Malware has been infecting Salesforce users’ systems in order to seal users’ log in credentials. The new virus, detected by a Salesforce security partner on September 3, appears to be a threat not only to Salesforce users, however, but any cloud platform that relies on only a username and password to access. The Dyre Malware is a specific type of Trojan called a “remote access Trojan,” which means it can bypass SSL encryption in order to steal your log in creds, usually [...]
Tue, Sep 23, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
Unique Circumstances with BYOD and MDM in the SMB Market
The rise of BYOD programs and subsequent need for end point management and security through the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) are not issues reserved for the enterprise. These needs and concerns have trickled into the SMB market and in looking at most of their structures, BYOD presents unique benefits and issues for the organizations. One topic that makes BYOD appealing to SMBs is the issue of Budgets. By nature these companies just will not have the same budgets which can be allocated towards company-wide device distribution. The idea of allowing employees [...]
Tue, Sep 23, 2014
Source: Solutions Review
Three IAM Best Practices You Can Start Today
Colin Miles, CTO of Pirean at IT Pro Portal has some advice on what Identity and Access Management actions you can take now to solve the identity challenge without waiting for the industry and world to change. Miles insists there are some big changes in store that could help you out down the road, but if you want to get a handle on your organization’s security today (and trust me, you do), start by following these three steps Miles has provided, reproduced below: 1. Start your Identity and Access Management solution design with the people using it as a focus. [...]
Mon, Sep 22, 2014
Source: Solutions Review

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